The IBEC team is composed of prominent researchers in the field and selected graduate students from the University of Washington and the University of Michigan. Additionally, research associates make contributions to projects and publications. IBEC team members bring a broad range of expertise and abilities to each and every project. The myriad skills and backgrounds of team members, along with experienced leadership, combine to create a dynamic and innovative environment.

IBEC Research Associates

Karen Fisher Joan Durrance JulieHersberger Betty Marcoux Matt Saxton Michael Crandall David Hendry
Karen Fisher
Project Lead
Joan Durrance Julie Hersberger Betty Marcoux Matthew Saxton Michael Crandall Dave Hendry

IBEC Staff Members

Karen Fisher Charles Naumer Carol Landry CA Burrell Deb Turner Anne G. Turner
P.E. Banfield Charles Naumer Carol Landry Charles A. Burrell III (C.A.) Deborah Turner Anne G. Turner
Tammara turner Jennie Abrahamson Woods Fairbanks Eric Meyers Melinda Snarr
Tammara Turner Jennie Abrahamson Woods Fairbanks Eric Meyers Melinda Snarr