IBEC Concepts

Over our numerous studies several theoretical concepts have emerged that can be used to guide future research and professional practice. Two such concepts are information communities and information grounds. We believe that information flow within any community can be greatly facilitated by implementing strategies that complement people’s natural information seeking behaviors.

Information Grounds

Beauty salons, ballparks, bike shops, and tattoo parlors all have something important in common—they're places where people naturally share information. As we identify these places, known as “information grounds,” we can begin using them to disseminate vital information on topics like breast cancer and HIV/AIDS. Read more >>

Information Communities

Constituencies united by a common interest in building and increasing access to a set of dynamic, linked, and varying information resources, information communities may differ in their subject matter (e.g., healthcare, automotive repair, etc.) and are not bound by geography. Read more >>


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       IBEC is a research program of the University of Washington

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