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STEP 1. Getting Started

This section is composed of the following three topics:

  1. Defining Outcome-Based Evaluation
  2. Understanding Outcome-Based Evaluation
  3. Preparing Your Own Evaluation

The first step in conducting outcome-based evaluation is to set goals for the evaluation. This section will help librarians to determine what to measure and how to begin designing the process for outcome-based evaluation of your library's programs and services.

If you are new to outcome-based evaluation, we recommend that you spend some time learning more about this approach. Defining Outcome-Based Evaluation will discuss the types of outcomes that you might look for in your programs and will provide example outcomes from our research. Understanding Outcome-Based Evaluation will provide additional resources to enrich your understanding of this method of evaluation.

Once you are familiar with impact evaluation, Preparing Your Own Evaluation will get you started by helping to define the goals for evaluating a particular program or service.

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